HoloXPLOR - 2.5.0 393743

HoloXPLOR was your web-based alternative to the Star Citizen Holotable.

HoloXPLOR allowed you to modify your existing inventory XML file and then download the modified version to use in Arena Commander and the Persistent Universe.

Original concept was been taken from Zane Bien's work, which he produced for his interview with CIG.

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Getting Started

Using HoloXPLOR is easy! Just follow these four simple steps and be flying your new ships in no time.

  1. Select your ship.
  2. Customize your loadout.
  3. Download your new Inventory XML.

Once you have downloaded your file, you will need to place it back in your Star Citizen USER directory before launching the game.

Finding your XML file

You can locate the inventory XML file in your Star Citizen USER directory.

  1. Browse to your Star Citizen installation directory
  2. For Live, ppen the Public/USER/Database directory
  3. For the PTU, open the Test/USER/Database directory
  4. Drag the [HASH].xml file onto this page
  5. Confirm the url matches your handle (e.g. holoxplor.space/HoloTable/alluran)

Once your file has uploaded, you will be taken to your Hangar, where you can download any modifications you have made.

Problems? Support?

This is an alpha of a tool, built for a game that is in early Alpha. As such, I'm sure there will be bugs. If you find a problem, or have an idea, you can submit them here. Please include your browser, and your XML file name when reporting.

If HoloXPLOR has helped you, and you would like to support the hosting and development, You can via PayPal.